COHERRA & Unicus Research Join Forces

Coherra And Unicus Research Join Forces

Coherra, the industry leader in delivering a rich and rewarding video-based investor experience, joins forces with Unicus Research, a boutique analysis firm providing deep and rare actionable insight for professional investors.

COHERRA joins forces with Unicus Research to provide more personalized research and investment offerings to asset managers globally.

COHERRA & Unicus Research Join Forces
COHERRA & Unicus Research Join Forces

Soren Haestrup, founder and CEO of COHERRA, stated, “Joining forces with Unicus Research is a great step forward in Coherra’s journey to bring more information to investor audiences of the world. Laks and her team have access to some of the world’s greatest minds and will not only produce insightful and actionable research but engage our asset managers on-camera to provide more engaging  and informative conversations.” 

Laks Ganapathi stated, “I am excited that Unicus Research has formed a partnership with Coherra.  Soren Haestrup, Philip Kopman, and his team are accomplished experts in markets, technology, and distribution.

Unicus Research will provide COHERRA’s clients with actionable insights and investigative research by acting as an outsourced research platform to COHERRA’s clients. In addition, Unicus Research will moderate discussions with fund managers and investors on the COHERRA platform.”

COHERRA is a Data-Driven Distributor of financial insights via video. COHERRA is focused on leveraging video and data science to drive engagement between pioneering asset managers and investors worldwide. An extremely efficient, effective, and measurable approach to driving information exchange.

Unicus Research is the asset manager’s dedicated investment research platform providing global research on long/short equity investments and strategies. Unicus Research eliminates the considerable time and expense of building an in-house research team. Instead, Unicus Research delivers proprietary research strategies from seasoned industry experts to the asset manager.

Combining these two firms provides an excellent opportunity for asset managers and investors of all sizes and styles to focus on growing their business while consuming high-quality, independent research from Unicus Research through a data-driven COHERRA platform.

Contact:  Philip Kopman                       
Phone: (407) 624-7561  

Unicus Research 

Contact:  Laks Ganapathi
Phone: (203) 244-4070  

SOURCE Unicus Research

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